Streaming Video Requirements


You will need a sustained download speed of at least 1.5Mbs. You can check your speed by going to, click "Chicago" and then select whether you are testing from a business or residential location. Picking Chicago regardless of your location provides the best connection test to our streaming server. While your download speed is important, the quality of your connection is even more important (jitter, latency, dropped packets). It's best to run this test several times in a row as your download speed can vary greatly if your overall connection quality is less than perfect. If you're having problems, the results you receive from the link above are very helpful for us to analyze what your problem might be. Take a screenshot of your numbers or write down each of them.

Video player requirements

Desktop and laptop operating systems require the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player be installed properly. Instead, please consider using Internet Explorer 11, Chrome or Safari.


iOS devices (iPhones, iPods, iPads) will play videos natively with no need to install anything.


Android device streaming varies. You should only access videos using the Chrome browser app and not the default browser for best results. Streaming is technically supported in Chrome in Android 4.1 (Jellybean); however, there are limitations such as not being able to skip ahead in the video stream. The best results for streaming are using Chrome with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.

Firewalls, proxies and content filtering

Locations that employ firewalls, proxy servers or actively block or throttle streaming content may pose problems to your streaming experience. You may receive buffering notices or not even be able to see or play the video. If you can't play videos from other websites like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and so forth, your network is most likely being filtered in some fashion. Our streaming content is delivered over Port 80 as an MP4 video wrapped in a Flash Container. While this bypasses most firewalls' default setup, current generation network monitoring allows for specific types of traffic to be blocked. If blocked, it may be possible for you to petition your IT department to allow traffic from our streaming server's IP address. Contact the Webmaster for this information if your IT department thinks it may help.