Community Interaction Reporting Form

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Purpose: The Knight ADRC Education Core is grant-mandated to track community interactions and education events. Please complete this form with as much information as you can provide. If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Phillips, MPA at (314) 286-2881. Please submit only one event per form.


* Denotes mandatory fields that must have a response before the form will submit properly. However, you should answer all questions to the best of your ability.



* Name(s) of Presenter(s):

* Date of Event: <-- use our calendar to pick the date

* Title of Presentation:

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* Host Organization
* Type of Organization
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* Total Number of Attendees (estimates acceptable):


Ethnicity of Attendees (please estimate in whole percentages, leave blank if 0):

% Caucasian
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% Asian
% Hispanic
% Other


Audience Composite (please estimate in whole percentages, leave blank if 0):

% Physicians (including medical students, residents and fellows)
% Academic Scientists
% Nursing
% Psychology / Social Work
% Professionals - Other / Undefined
% Lay


Ages of Attendees (please estimate whole percentages, leave blank if 0):

%< 18
% 18 - 64
% 65 and older


Number of people signed up to be called about research:

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