Brief/Refresher Training

Important Training Notes:

  • Bookmark (or Add to Favorites in Internet Explorer) the page you are on when you need to stop training. Click here for help.

  • Visit our Streaming Requirements page to make sure you will be able to see the training videos.

  • Keep an offline/paper copy of the scores you submit online for Modules 2-5 until you receive your pass/fail status! If you do not complete your training within 3 months, your existing scores will be purged from the system.


You can now select different languages as subtitles for every CDR training video. More languages are in development. Click the CC button in the video window to make a selection.



Training Structure (approx. 4-5 hours of training time required)


Training Overview (optional):

. Provides an overview of the CDR by Dr. Morris
. An Acrobat PDF transcript in English is available (View transcript)


Modules 1 is a Training Module:

. You must complete this module
. Incorrect scores submitted will NOT count against you


Modules 2 through 5 are Reliability Modules:

. You must complete ALL modules
. Incorrect scores submitted WILL count against you
. Check your scores carefully before clicking the submit button
. You may miss only 1 Global CDR Score
. Once completed and reviewed, remedial modules will be offered (if needed)

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