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Important Training Notes:

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  • Visit our Streaming Requirements page to make sure you will be able to see the training videos.

  • Keep an offline/paper copy of the scores you submit online for Modules 4-9 until you receive your pass/fail status! If you do not complete your training within 3 months, your existing scores will be purged from the system.


Full Training Structure (approx. 8-9 hours of total training time required)


Training Overview (optional):

. Provides an overview of the CDR by Dr. Morris
. An Acrobat PDF transcript in English is available (View transcript)

Modules 1 through 3 are Training Modules:

. You must complete ALL modules
. Incorrect scores submitted will NOT count against you

Modules 4 through 9 are Reliability Modules:

. You must complete ALL modules
. Incorrect scores submitted WILL count against you
. Check your scores carefully before clicking the submit button
. You may miss only 1 Global CDR Score
. Once completed and reviewed, remedial modules will be offered (if needed)

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