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Type Pass/Fail Date Reason Reason Other First Name MI Last Name Institution Site Number Email
Refresher Pass 9/27/2013 Requirement of Course   Debra R Aaron Uiversity of North Texas
Full Pass 6/27/2016 H8A-MC-LZBE   Scott T Aaronson Sheppard Pratt Health System
Full Pass 7/17/2006 Other Trial Aging Research with Dr. Michael Weiner Linda R Abadjian Northern California Institute for Research and Education
Full Pass 2/6/2017 Other Trial PERFECTED Study Monica   Abatangelo King's College Hospital
  Pass 2/12/2013 Trial   Amelia   Abbott Thames Valley DenDron
Full Pass 4/9/2015 Other Continuing Education Christine D Abbott Enter the full name. Do not abbreviate!
Full     Clinical Care Purposes   Elias D Abdel sater National mental health program
Full Pass 6/2/2017 Clinical Care Purposes, Personal Interest   Fadi Fayez Abdelaziz Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian city
Full     Personal Interest   Carla S Abdelnour Fundació ACE
Full Pass 8/27/2012 Requirement of Course   Hodan   Abdi University of North Texas Health Science Center
Full Pass 10/20/2014 Personal Interest   ainul izzah   abdul manan national university of malaysia
Full Fail - All Remedial 7/26/2012 Personal Interest   SHAKIROH   ABDUL MOKTI HOSPITAL SEBERANG JAYAEnter the full name. Do not abbreviate!
Full     Requirement of Course   noor aiennatul mardhiyah binti abdul wahab Enter the full name. Do not abbreviate!
Full     Other Trial   Aza J Abdulla Princess Royal University Hospital, Kings College Foundation Trust
Full     Requirement of Course   Mohd waqiyuddin   Abdullah Universiti Selangor
AMARANTH Pass - Full 3/21/2016 AMARANTH n/a Razyya L Abdulmumin CNS Network 7899
Full Pass 7/25/2016 Other Trial Japanese Preclinical Chiemi   Abe Kanazawa university
Full Pass 9/28/2017 Other Trial Sunnybrook Health Science Center, COMPASS-ND trial Arman   Abedin Sunnybrook Health Science Center
Full Pass 12/2/2013 Clinical Care Purposes, Personal Interest   Camille Eunice C Abelardo National Center for Geriatric Health
Full Pass 5/23/2018 I8D-MC-AZET Daybreak   Malene   Abell Lifespan Neuropsychology and Clinical Neuroscience
Full Pass 8/17/2017 ADCS Other Geropsychiatry Fellow Training for van Dyck site #041 Jessica   Abellard Yale Alzheimer's Disease Research Unit
Refresher Pass 8/3/2006 ADNI, NACC UDS   Francena D Abendroth Oregon Health and Sciences University 2
Full Pass 8/31/2015 Personal Interest   Kylie D Abeson Johns Hopkins University
Full     Graduate I   Danielle   Abi-saab Roche Pharma
  Pass 1/31/2005 ADCS Homocysteine Study   Eloisa   Abislaiman SUNCOAST 19  
Full     Other Trial E2609-G000-301 Abdelfatah S Abou Issa Neurology Diagnostics Research 1011
Full Pass 3/7/2018 ADNI   Amira F Abouahmed Center for Clinical and Translational Science Universirty of Kentucky 023
  Pass 1/31/2006 NACC UDS   Tania   Abou-ezeddine University of Southern California
Full Pass 11/21/2016 I8D-MC-AZET – Daybreak   Vladislav   Abramov FSBI Federal Siberian scientist and clinical center of FMBA
Full Pass 6/9/2017 Other Trial   Leyla E Abramovskikh Novosibirsk City Clinical Hospital â"– 34
Full Pass 1/9/2009 Other Trial   Engle L Abrams Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Full Remedial 3/19/2008 Personal Interest   Izabella D Abreu Enter the full name. Do not abbreviate!
Full Pass 4/18/2016 Other Epidemiology of Biomakers of Risk and Progression in LOAD Luis G Abreu Rosario Columbia University Medical Center
Refresher Pass 4/11/2018 Other Taub Institute for Alzheimer's Disease and the aging of the Brain at Columbia University Medical Center Luis G Abreu-Rosario Columbia University Medical Center
Private Graduate Pass 1/31/2018 Graduate I n/a Julia   Abrosimova City Clinical Hospital
Full Pass 11/20/2013 Clinical Care Purposes   ronald e abston correct care solutions
Full Pass 1/21/2015 Personal Interest, Requirement of Course   azlina   abu bakar Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun
Full     Other PHD Research ANIS HASLIZA   ABU HASHIM Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
Full Pass 8/3/2015 NACC UDS   Somya   Abubucker Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Full Pass 6/17/2014 NACC UDS   Leila S Abuelhiga Mt. Sinai Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Full     A4, ADNI, ADCS MCI Study, I8D-MC-AZET Daybreak, Other Trial Engage, Creed Haitham   Abulaban University of South Florida Byrd Alzheimer's Institute 19
Full Pass 5/25/2012 Janssen Trial Janssen Alzheimer's Immunotherapy Linda M Abularach Boston University Alzheimer's disease center
Full Pass 6/17/2017 Requirement of Course   Alexandra   Acaba Icahn College School of Medicine
Full     Clinical Care Purposes   Burcu   Acar Enter the full name. Do not abbreviate!
Full     Personal Interest   Michelle C Accardi Binghamton University SUNY
Full Pass 7/25/2016 Other Trial The Effects of Music on Feelings and Emotions in Patients with AD-The University of Iowa Monica C Acevedo-Molina The University of Iowa
Full Pass 11/25/2015 A4   Lizeth K Achury Enter the full name. Do not abbreviate!
AMARANTH Pass - Refresher 12/14/2015 AMARANTH n/a Lizeth K Achury Indiana University 7893
Refresher Pass 3/14/2018 Clinical Care Purposes EARLY Lizeth K Achury Indiana University 037
Full     A4, Janssen Trial, Personal Interest Coordinating trials Kelly   Acosta Great Lakes Clinical Trials
Full Pass 2/20/2015 Other Trial Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer's Center Lealani Mae   Acosta Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer's Center
Full Pass 7/22/2011 Other API-BIO Natalia   Acosta-Baena Neurociencias Universidad de Antioquia-Banner alzheimer´s Institute
Full     Other   Juliana   Acosta-Uribe Universidad de Antioquia
Full Pass 6/13/2018 Other Trial Optimum Neuro Jacob D Acton Washington University in St Louis
Full Pass 9/27/2007 Clinical Care Purposes   Lee   Ada The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Full Pass 6/18/2015 Clinical Care Purposes   Razieh   Adabimohazab New York University Medical Center
Private LY3303560 Pass 7/28/2017 LY3303560 n/a Mizuho   Adachi Biomedical Research and Innovation Hospital
Full Pass 3/3/2017 Other ADC-046-INI John C Adair University of New Mexico
Private Graduate     Graduate II n/a Alberto   Adalid UIS
AMARANTH Pass - Full 12/17/2015 AMARANTH n/a Voula A Adamopoulos Delmont Hospital Drysdale - 0308
Full Pass 1/6/2014 Other Trial rater in clinical trials Daniel B Adams Cleveland Clinic Center for Brain Health
Full     Other Current research study: Montessori based activities in the Emrgency department Diana F Adams North York General Hospital
Full Pass 5/9/2014 Other Longitudinal sudy Giorgia S Adams Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Full Pass 5/14/2008 Other Trial Research regarding delirium in the ICU at VUMC Jessica R Adams Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Full Pass 9/3/2013 Requirement of Course   July D Adams The University of North Texas Health Science Center
Full Pass 8/24/2015 Other Trial, Personal Interest To complete in house training in preparation for upcoming industry studies Justine   Adams NIHR Clinical Research Network: Thames Valley & South Midlands
Full Pass 9/22/2016 Personal Interest   Kate R Adams CTMG Inc.
Full Pass 5/28/2009 Elan Trial 301/302 Kathryn S Adams University of California, San Francisco
Full     Personal Interest   Lucy   Adams Bristol University
Full     Personal Interest   Lucy J Adams University of Bristol
Full Pass 12/18/2017 Other Trial, Personal Interest Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center and Pacific Udall Center Meagan   Adams Stanford University
  Pass 6/21/2006 ADNI   Nicholas   Adams G.H. Sergievsky Center
Full     Other Trial Framingham Heart Study Shayna   Adams Framingham Heart Study- Boston University
Full Pass 2/11/2014 Requirement of Course   Sheila R Adams University of Pittsburgh