CSF Collection Segments

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Part 1: Donating Cerebrospinal Fluid – A Profound Gift


Alzheimer disease can affect adults as they age, and in greater numbers than ever before.  This 3-minute video introduces the Knight Alzheimer Disease Research Center and the dedicated group of volunteers who are working together to find ways to diagnose, prevent, and eventually cure AD.


Part 2: Cerebrospinal Fluid: A Window into the Brain


This 2-minute, 35-second video defines CSF, explains what researchers are looking at when they analyze it, and describes its enormous purpose in AD research.



Part 3: The Procedure


The final video in this series describes the CSF collection procedure. Hear from Knight ADRC clinicians who explain the process and research participants who share their experiences. Graphics are used to demonstrate what to expect if you donate CSF in this 3-minutes, 55-second segment.