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The Knight Alzheimer Research Center (Knight ADRC) at Washington University, under the leadership of John C. Morris, MD, hosts an externship program that provides educational opportunities to students and professionals wishing to learn about clinical research and clinical care in healthy brain aging and dementia.  Externs at the Knight ADRC may include high school students, undergraduates, recent graduates, graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, and international scholars.  


Externs can gain proficiency in interviewing techniques and in the neurologic examination of the geriatric patient, be introduced to neuropsychology, neuropathology, biomarkers, neuroimaging, genetics and other biomedical procedures important in the diagnostic evaluation of older adults.  The Knight ADRC is an interdisciplinary group, so externs have opportunity to interact with physicians, nurse clinicians, psychologists and social workers and to explore the neuropsychology, neuropathology, biomarkers, neuroimaging, genetics and other biomedical procedures used in the diagnosis of dementing disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementias, cerebrovascular disorders and affective disorders.  Depending on an extern’s experience level and duration of stay, he/she may complete a research project with the goal of publishing the data.

In order to best serve the learning objectives of incoming students, fellows, and scholars, the Knight ADRC must limit the positions available each semester.  The Knight ADRC attempts to accommodate placements in each of the following categories:  high school extern (1), undergraduate extern (1), graduate and/or medical student (1-2), postdoctoral fellow (1 accepted per 2 years), and international scholar (1-2 at a time).  Placements are determined by applicant qualifications and available projects, mentors, and resources.


With the exception of postdoctoral fellows, Knight ADRC externships are unpaid.  Applicants are encouraged to seek their own sponsors and/or funding.



  • Fall Semester:  Materials must be received by June 30th

  • Spring Semester:  Materials must be received by Oct 31st

  • Summer Semester:  Materials must be received by Feb 28th

Notifications for placements will be made shortly after the application deadlines.  All applicants will receive follow up from the Knight ADRC.  If you have questions about deadlines, please contact us.


  • Fellowship applicants must submit their CV and interest statement no later than February of the year prior to their start date.  Example:  A fellow seeking a July 1, 2020 start date would need to contact the Knight ADRC and submit materials by February 28, 2019.

  • International scholars are encouraged to apply a minimum of 6-9 months in advance to allow ample time for paperwork, visa processing, language assessment, and approval.