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Call for 2020 Knight Developmental Projects

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Current Projects


Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (5-1-15 to 4-30-20):


Project 1 Correlation of tau PET imaging with CSF AD biomarkers
Anne Fagan/Jon McConathy

Project 2 Synergy of Aβ clearance mechanisms in vivo
John Cirrito


Project 3 Circadian rhythms in regulation of Aβ pathology and brain oxidative stress
Erik Musiek


Healthy Aging & Senile Dementia Program Project (8-15-14 to 4-32-19):


Project 1 Cognitive and functional indicators of transition to symptomatic AD
John C. Morris


Project 2 Potential prognostic and theranostic marker for preclinical AD
David Holtzman


Project 3 Identification of genetic variants associated with rate of disease progression
Carlos Cruchaga


Project 4 Imaging Markers of Neuronal Dysfunction in Preclinical AD

Tammie Benzinger


Antecedent Biomarkers for AD: The Adult Children Study (9-30-11 to 5-31-16):


Project 1 The natural history of Aβ accumulation in preclinical AD
John C. Morris


Project 2 CSF biomarkers of antecedent AD
Anne Fagan


Project 3 Behavioral and neural markers of mental control: Modeling, imaging, and enrichment
David Balota


Project 4 Antecedent imaging biomarkers
Tammie Benzinger


Project 5 Aerobic glycolysis in the pathophysiology of AD
Andrei Vlassenko


Current & Recent Pilots

5/16 - 4/17


Identification of cell surface TREM-2 ligands involved in Alzheimer disease pathogenesis
Thomas Brett


Decoding clinical and genetic contributions in Alzheimer disease dementia (A2D2)
Gregory Day


Surveillance for Impending AD in Down Syndrome:  A WU ADRC/IDDRC Feasibility Study
Christina Lessov-Schlaggar


5/15 - 4/16


Discovery of combinatorial genetic interactions underlying AD pathogenesis and progression
Sharlee Climer


Changes in brain network dynamics as an index of amyloid status in healthy elders
Linda Larson-Prior


Selective Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulation (SGRM) in Alzheimer's Disease
Kevin Noguchi


Measuring the Kinetics of Phosphorylated Tau and Tau Isoforms in Human Central Nervous System
Chihiro Sato


5/14 - 4/15


Preclinical imaging of tau pathology with the novel PET imaging agent [F-18]T807
McConathy, Jonathan, MD, PhD


Circadian regulation of amyloid-β clearance
Musiek, Erik, MD, PhD


TREM2 as a key player and a potential biomarker in Alzheimer’s disease
Piccio, Laura, MD, PhD

5/13 - 4/14


How do TREM2 mutations promote susceptibility to Alzheimer Disease?
Colonna, Marco, MD


Role of GGGGCC expansion sizes in C9ORF72 dementia and ALS patients
Harms, Mathew, MD


Modulation of CSF Aβ Through Pharmacological and Behavioral Manipulation of Sleep
Lucey, Brendan, MD

5/12 - 4/13

Lens opacities as predictors of Alzheimer disease
Beebe, David C., PhD, FARVO


Plasma microRNA biomarkers for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
Kim, Jungsu, PhD


Driving performance in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease
Roe, Catherine, PhD

5/11 - 4/12


Effect of endogenous amyloid-ß on synaptic plasticity in vivo.
John R. Cirrito, PhD


Risk of falls in preclinical Alzheimer's disease: a prospective study.
Susan L. Stark, PhD


Selective PET tracers for human Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy.
Gregory J. Zipfel


Funded through gift funds:
Selective labels for tau fibrils.
Marc I. Diamond, MD

5/10 - 4/11


Interaction Between HIV and Aging Using 11C-labeled Pittsburgh Compound-B (11C-PIB)
Beau Ances


Role of TOR3A as a regulator of Aß production.
Phyllis Hanson


Developing antisense oligonucleotides to modify tau in mouse models of dementia.
Timothy Miller

5/09 - 4/10


Axonal Transport of APP: The Role of the Mixed Lineage Kinase DLK
Aaron DiAntonio


Proteasomal Impairment by Mutant Ubiquitin and Enhanced Toxicity of Aggregates
Heather True-Krob


Mishandling of protein aggregates in p97/VCP associated fronto-temporal dementia.
Conrad Weih


Funded through gift funds:

Analysis of beta secretase activity and APP processing in GGA knockout mice.
Balraj Doray

5/08 - 4/09


PET Agent for Imaging of P-glycoprotein (Pgp) mediated transport activity in Alzheimer’s disease.
Vijay Sharma, Radiology

Neurology and Radiology, Use of 11C-PIB to determine risk of recurrence of lobar intracerebral hemorrhage: A pilot study.
Allyson Zazulia

Roles of Aßtype lamins on telomere metabolism and premature aging.
Susana Gonzalo

5/07 - 4/08


Eye movements during visual search in healthy aging and very mild DAT
Richard A. Abrams, PhD


Emotional Aging: Preservation of Function in the Elderly and Alzheimer's Patients
Randy J. Larsen, PhD


Selective synapse loss and ß-amyloid deposition in the Tg2576 mouse
Hongxin Dong, MD PhD

5/06 - 4/07:


Genetic Factors Modulating Quantitative Traits in LOAD
Anthony Hinrichs, Psychiatry


Metabolic Consequences of PINK 1 Mutations
Paul Kotzbauer, Neurology


Prospective Memory in DAT and APOE Genotype
Mark McDaniel, Psychology


PK11195 PET imaging of inflammation in aging and DAT
Mark Mintun, Director of Center for Clinical Imaging Research


Mutant Valosin-Containing Protein Causes Neurodegeneration and Frontotemporal Dementia
Nigel Cairns, Neurology