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Education Core Database (2002-2003 Progress Report)
The Education Core Database tracks the dementia-related educational and publishing activities of individuals affiliated with the Washington University The Charles F. and Joanne Knight Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (Knight ADRC), including faculty, staff, research associates, fellows, residents and students. This information is collected by the Education Core for grant reporting to the National Institute on Aging. 

The start date for entries is January 1, 2002, to the present. Publications or educational activities from before this date have already been captured elsewhere. Articles newly published in 2002 still need to be entered even if pre-publication notice was sent to the Knight ADRC Secretary. Please choose the appropriate option below to report your activities. Use "comment" boxes to explain unusual circumstances or to provide extra information. It is OK to leave fields blank if you don't have the information requested. Critical fields are marked in red on some pages.  Please direct any questions to Tom Meuser, Ph.D., Education Director. Thanks for doing your part to support our grant reporting efforts!

bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Enter Journal Article Reference

bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Enter a Single Presentation
You were the primary (or only) speaker on dementia at a educational event (Knight ADRC Seminars, talks for the Alzheimer's Association, etc.).

bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Enter a Book Chapter or Other Reference

bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Enter a Presentation from a Course or Series
You taught a dementia-related course or you presented a lecture on AD as part of a broader course for Washington University students.
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Enter a Media Interview or Contact

bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Enter a Presentation from a Conference
You gave a presentations during a conference, symposium or workshop on a dementia-related topic. If you presented at the same event more than once, please fill in and submit this page twice.
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Enter a Public Education Event
For public educational programs that do not rely on 
traditional academic presentations (e.g., our play with 
the St. Louis Black Rep).
bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Enter Another Educational Collaboration
Use this link if you were involved in a unique educational collaboration (e.g., you collaborated on an educational  video).

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