Any publication or educational offering that specifically focuses medical-diagnosis-treatment, neurobiochemical-genetic, neuroimaging, cognitive-functional, or psychosocial aspects of dementia (in patients, family members or society at large)  would be appropriate for entry in the Education Core Database.

For example, let's say you gave a lecture for an undergrad course on cognitive functioning in normal aging and included a segment on Alzheimer's Disease. This would be an appropriate presentation for entry into this database. All talks given for the Alzheimer's Association would be appropriate.

Alternatively, say you gave another lecture on statistics and used some Knight ADRC data as case examples. Your focus was not on dementia education, but teaching statistical methods. This offering would not need to be entered in this database.

Any research publications that focus on some aspect of Alzheimer's Disease or another form of dementia (e.g., Lewy Body Dementia) would be appropriate for entry.

Please contact Tom Meuser if you have questions ( Thanks!