Streaming Video Requirements



You will need a sustained download speed of at least 1.5Mbs.


Video Player Requirements


There are no specific browser or OS based restrictions; however, consult the next section concerning firewalls.


Firewalls, Proxies and Content Filtering


Locations that employ firewalls, proxy servers or actively block or throttle streaming content may pose problems to your streaming experience. You may receive buffering notices or not even be able to see or play the video. All of these scenarios are outside of our control. You will need to contact your technical support group. If your institution does not allow videos from other websites like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and so forth, a firewall policy is blocking streaming content.


Your firewall settings MUST permit the following addresses:

  • *
  • *

China, Streaming and the Great Firewall


Currently we are unable to stream to mainland China. This includes any other areas of the region that are protected by what is referred to as "The Great Firewall." Contracted studies interested in streaming to mainland China should contact the webmaster about this potential option (may incur additional yearly fee).