By 2050, over 40% of older adults will be members of traditionally minoritized populations.  As the aging United States population becomes increasingly diverse, the lack of information from diverse populations will have critical clinical considerations.  Participation in Alzheimer disease (AD) research programs is overwhelmingly by non-Hispanic white persons.  As a result, relatively little is known about Alzheimer disease and related disorders in persons from historically minoritized groups.  This conference is a follow-up to and expansion of the 2018 Workshop African American Participation in Research held here in St Louis.

A full schedule will be available in early summer.  We hope members of the academic community and the St. Louis community will join us to discuss and shape the future of Alzheimer disease research participation.

Image from the 2018 Workshop

Conference Details

Dates: October 2-4, 2023
Location: Eric P. Newman Education Center & Zoom Webinar
Registration Fee: This is a free event.
CME Credits: No CME credits are being offered.

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