The African American Advisory Board (AAAB) was established in August, 2000, to counsel the ADRC research team concerning cultural sensitivity and appropriate outreach strategies to encourage active, long-term participation of African Americans in memory and aging studies at Washington University School of Medicine. The AAAB is committed to inclusiveness, diversity, and justice (fairness) for research participants. Membership of the board consists of influential members of the St. Louis African American community from various professional backgrounds or partner organizations. The Knight ADRC community is most grateful for the dedicated service of all our AAAB members.

2023 picture of the Knight ADRC African American Advisory Board

Current Board Members

  • Pastor Douglass Petty, PhD (Chair)
  • Rev. C. Jessel Strong (Vice Chair)
  • Alexandre Carter, MD, PhD
  • Karen Collins, EdD
  • Stacy Edwards
  • Beverley Foster
  • Ronald Gregory, EdD
  • Joyce Hamilton
  • Barbara Herschbach
  • Richard King
  • Collins Lewis, MD
  • Emily Pitts
  • Arlene Moore Ross
  • Jesse Swanigan
  • Bernice Thompson
  • Sidney White

Inaugural Chair & Chair Emeritus: Norman R. Seay

Objectives of the Board Members

  • Actively represent the research mission and participation interests of the Knight ADRC in the African American community.
  • Serve as an ambassador and liaison for the Knight ADRC in building strong individual and local partnerships to enhance research participation.
  • Advise Washington University investigators in the development of culturally appropriate and sensitive education, outreach, recruitment, and retention strategies, products and programs.
  • Review print, video and other materials of the ADRC to ensure the communication of consistent, appropriate, and effective messages.