Before reviewing our FAQ, it’s a good idea to review the Guidelines, Cost and Media Types pages. Most of the questions below are already answered, and in greater detail, on those linked pages or on the poster homepage. If after reviewing those pages and our frequently asked questions below, you still have questions, send an email to BEFORE submitting an order.

What does the poster process entail?
  • Learn our requirements from this site
  • Verify there is a slot available for printing via our Twitter
  • Submit a final version of your poster online by the deadline
  • You will receive a confirmation confirming receipt of your submission
  • We review the submission & reach out with questions (if submitted Mon-Fri 7am-4pm)
  • Posters are printed on Wednesdays
  • We email you with pickup directions (and payment info if using a credit card) once the poster is printed on a Wednesday
Who can print at the Knight ADRC?

The following groups can print with the Knight ADRC:

  • WUSTL & WUSM staff/faculty/students [payment via ISD or credit card]
  • STLCOP staff/faculty/students [payment via credit card]
  • BJC Hospital [payment via credit card]
  • Goldfarb School of Nursing (GSON) faculty/students must submit their poster for printing via Kristy Kight. Kristy will then arrange for poster to be printed and paid for.
How can I pay?

The preferred method for Washington University faculty/staff/students is via a Cost Center number in WorkDay as an Internal Service Delivery (ISD). You can ask your business office to provide you the Cost Center number that will be responsible for paying for your poster. If you know your proper Grant, Project or Gift fund number that will be used, you can provide that as well as part of the online order form.

You can also select the credit card option from the online order form. Do not enter any credit card information into the online order form. Once your poster has been printed, we will contact you via email with pickup instructions that includes a link to pay for your poster online.

We do not accept cash, Bear Bucks, checks or process credit cards in person at our location.

Can I submit my files in person?

We do not accept files in person. All files must be submitted via the online Order Form.

What happened to the PDF order form?

The PDF order form has been retired since February 2, 2022. Please use our online Order Form.

What types of material can I print on?

We currently carry satin photo paper and a foldable fabric in 36″ and 42″ rolls. Refer to our Media Types page for more information.

What file types do you accept?

We only accept PowerPoint files (Mac or Windows) with the PPTX extension along with PDF files. Refer to our Guidelines section for more details including how to get the most current version of Microsoft Office as a WU faculty/staff/student.

How long will my poster take to print?

Posters (paper or fabric) will normally take 30 minutes from start to finish. However, some posters are longer or shorter than others making it impossible for us to predict when your poster will be done in advance of when you submit it. Refer to the When will my poster be ready for pickup? question below for further, important details.

When will my poster be ready for pickup?

Currently, we are only printing on Wednesdays and all posters must be submitted before 6am each Wednesday. There are an available 64 print slots. We print on a first-submitted first-printed system. So, the earlier you submit, the earlier your poster will be printed in the day. Submitting as one of the first 12 paper or fabric slots generally means your poster will be done by noon on a Wednesday. The last poster should be no later than 4pm. Note that waiting until overnight on a Tuesday may result in no slots being available for printing, and you’ll be notified as such via email Wednesday morning. Additionally, if you submit an invalid file or provide incorrect information regarding your print, your poster may be rejected Wednesday morning as we queue items to print. It’s best practice to submit your poster before 4pm on a Tuesday so we have a chance to review your submission and ask questions/request fixes.

Once your poster is ready for pickup, we will email you with directions to pickup your poster. If you’re paying via credit card, payment details will also be included in the email. Pickup can occur between the hours of 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) once you have been notified. There is nothing to sign. You (or someone you designate) do not need to pickup the same day, but it is highly suggested that you do. Posters accepted for printing will be available by end-of-day the same Wednesday they are printed.

I need my poster by a specific time. What can I do?

Submit your poster as early as possible prior to a Wednesday. Refer to our Twitter page in order to determine how many posters have already been slotted to print. Do not email us or add a print-by X time request on your order form (see question above). We cannot estimate or guarantee a specific time for your particular poster to be done by. The earlier you submit and slot your poster in the queue, the earlier in the day we’ll contact you letting you know it’s ready for pickup.

If our printing schedule does not work for your timetable, you are welcome to select another printer that better accommodates your needs. We provide a list of several other locations to print both near and on campus in the last question on this page.

Can I reserve a printing slot or pay a rush fee?

We print on a first-submitted first-printed system with all posters being submitted before the 6am Wednesday deadline. Always strive to submit your order early (before 4pm Tuesdays) so we can review your submission for inconsistencies that may impact printing (such as incorrect scaling being requested). You cannot submit an empty form with the promise to submit a poster file by the 6am deadline. These orders will be rejected. Do not submit a draft copy of your poster to secure a print spot and then submit a final version later. Your order will be rejected when you attempt to submit the final file. Furthermore, if your draft has already been printed, you will be charged for it. Only final versions of posters should be submitted.

We are unable to accept rush requests.

Where can I pickup my poster?

Once your poster is ready for pickup, we will email you with directions to pickup your poster at our location on the medical campus. If you’re paying via credit card, payment details will also be included in the email. Pickup can occur between the hours of 7am-5pm (Mon-Fri) once you have been notified. There is nothing to sign. You (or someone you designate) do not need to pickup the same day, but it is highly suggested that you do. Posters accepted for printing will be available by end-of-day the same Wednesday they are printed.

We do not offer delivery.

Please note that posters (paper or fabric) cannot get wet. If it might rain or snow, bring something of appropriate length to protect your poster. Even a large garbage bag or two will suffice so long as your poster is not exposed to the elements.

What size poster can I print with the Knight ADRC?

We have two different sized rolls (36″ and 42″) for each media type (paper and fabric). This means that the maximum size fabric or paper poster that we can print cannot exceed 42″ on one of your poster’s dimensions (42″ wide for portrait or 42″ high for landscape). The limit to the other dimension of your poster cannot exceed the poster printer’s limit of 59′ (feet) in length.

Review our Guidelines and Media Types pages for more info.

How big will my poster be when printed?

That depends! If you’re not having us scale the poster up or down in size when we print it, then the poster will be printed the exact size of your poster file. It is your responsibility to know what your poster file size is.

  • Determine size in PowerPoint
  • In Adobe Acrobat Reader: Press Ctrl+D on your keyboard or click File > Properties (Document Properties). Within the Advanced Information section, you’ll find Page Size

If we’re scaling your poster to fit either the 36″ or 42″ roll media, you can use our Scaling Calculator to get a good estimate of your poster’s final, printed size. This will also give you a fairly close estimate of the cost (see next question on cost).

How much will my poster cost?

$6 per linear foot which is the same as $0.50 per linear inch for either paper or fabric. Review the Cost & Billing page for more details.

I caught a typo on my poster file. Now what?

Revised poster files submitted after 6am on a Wednesday cannot be printed. The queue has been set. The best we can do it attempt to cancel your poster if it hasn’t printed, and you will need to print elsewhere.

If the revised file is submitted before 6am, we should be able to replace your file.

It is extremely important to take your time and thoroughly review your poster file before submitting. Review the Print-Ready Files section of our Guidelines page.

Can I get a sample print?

We do not offer sample prints.

Do you trim posters?

We do not have that capability. This is why we recommend that at least one length of your poster be either 36″ or 42″ to fit our media. If you will have a margin, fabric media makes it easier to simply fold that margin under when hanging rather than dealing with scissors. The fabric media can also be cut with a sharp pair of shears if desired.

How do I care for my poster?

Paper and fabric posters should avoid moisture. While both materials are water-resistant, you are still dealing with an inkjet print. For more information on our media and how to care for them, visit our Media Types page.

Do you sell poster tubes?

We do not sell poster tubes. You can check local art supply stores, EngineerSupply and Amazon. We recommend Alvin Ice Tubes rather than telescoping tubes. Make sure that the tube you buy is long enough. Note that if the cap inserts into the tube, rather than fitting over the end like a traditional cap, your tube needs to be longer than your actual poster or the inserted cap will damage your poster.

Are there other places I can print my poster?

Other possible poster printing locations can be found below. We provide no details or guarantees regarding their price, turnaround time, quality, materials available, etc. This is merely a list found using Google and no preference is given to any entity listed below. This also is likely not an all-inclusive list of all places available for printing.

There are also online places such as PosterSmith that can print same-day and offer quick, free shipping.

Questions? Please reach out to