The Knight ADRC is dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of Alzheimer disease and related dementias through our multidisciplinary approach. Our goal is to improve diagnosis and care, promote quality research (clinical trials and observational studies), engage in meaningful community outreach and provide helpful education.

We strive for a diverse team of administrative, research and clinical staff which is reflective of our community. The Knight ADRC acknowledges the need for diverse voices, and we are committed to inclusion in our research participants. We embrace the differences that exists in our community and value the time, effort and dedication of everyone involved in helping us diagnose, treat and ultimately prevent Alzheimer disease.


  • African Americans are two to three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than non-Hispanic whites, while Latinos are 1.5 times more likely*
  • Latinos and African Americans will make up nearly 40% of the 8.4 million Americans projected to be living with Alzheimer’s disease in 2030*
  • Currently, Latinos make up just 5.4% of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded Alzheimer’s disease research studies and African Americans make up 14% despite being 1.5 and 2-3 times more at risk for the disease, respectively*

* Source: