To facilitate an investigator’s resource request, the Knight ADRC is providing the links below. Please review each one before continuing to a request form. Failure to review the items below may result in an unnecessarily delayed request.

  • Guidelines & Policies (8/05/2022)
  • Core Data & Tissue Available
    • Biostatistics Core Data Freeze: Two times per year there is a Knight ADRC-wide data freeze with cutoff dates on April 30th and October 31st. Each Core is given one month from the cutoff dates to prepare and QC their data to be included as a module in the dataset. This ensures the most current and accurate data is available for researchers. The Biostatistics Core Leader, Chengjie Xiong, PhD, announces the availability of data and all modules are shared based on data request approval through the Knight ADRC.
    • OASIS-3 and OASIS-4 are the latest releases in the Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS) that is aimed at making neuroimaging datasets freely available to the scientific community. By compiling and freely distributing this multimodal dataset generated by the Knight ADRC and its affiliated studies, we hope to facilitate future discoveries in basic and clinical neuroscience. OASIS-3 is a longitudinal multimodal neuroimaging, clinical, cognitive, and biomarker dataset for normal aging and Alzheimer’s Disease. OASIS-4 contains MR, clinical, cognitive, and biomarker data for individuals that presented with memory complaints.

      The OASIS datasets hosted by provide the community with open access to a significant database of neuroimaging and processed imaging data across a broad demographic, cognitive, and genetic spectrum an easily accessible platform for use in neuroimaging, clinical, and cognitive research on normal aging and cognitive decline.

      For more information or to access the data, please visit
  • Summary Data Tables (provided in real-time)
  • Clinical Core Codebooks:
  • Psychometric Codebook (7/22/2019)
  • Diagnostic Impressions Page from ISP

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Before you submit your request, we wish to avoid the situation where two investigators study the same research question to avoid duplication of effort and potential conflict.  To determine if your topic has already been studied with our resources, please search our existing Data, Tissue and Participant resource requests.  If you find that your topic or a related topic has been submitted, you may wish to contact the investigator to inquire about their findings to determine how you might proceed.  You may also wish to collaborate or modify your request to avoid overlap.