Copyright Information

The Charles F. and Joanne Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (Knight ADRC) holds the United States Copyright for the Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR®) Dementia Staging Instrument and associated training materials. An important part of the Knight ADRC’s educational mission is to ensure that the CDR Dementia Staging Instrument is widely and readily available for use by professionals in clinical and research settings. Protecting the integrity of the instrument and ensuring appropriate utilization are equally important priorities.

The CDR Scoring Table and scoring rules were published in the journal NEUROLOGY, 1993; 43:2412-2414 (author Morris, JC). Reprinting of this table in a publication requires permission from the publisher – Lippincott, Wilkins & Williams.

Licensing Information

The CDR Dementia Staging Instrument requires a license whether its intended use is for-profit or non-profit funded research or clinical use. If you would like to license the CDR Dementia Staging Instrument, please visit Select the response that best applies to your intended use or reach out to the contact listed within the Office of Technology Management/Tech Transfer.

A list of the languages that the CDR Assessment Protocol (often referred to as the CDR Worksheets) has been translated into can be viewed HERE. Once permission has been secured to use the CDR via the Copyright/Licensing process, you will be able to download the listed translations and associated translation certificates.