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Confidentiality Protection

The CDR Online Training System utilizes video segments of real, patient interviews. All interview participants provided informed consent for their images to be shown for appropriate educational purposes. Apart from the visual appearance of each interviewee, there is no other identifying information in these interview segments. Nevertheless, we ask that approved trainees (1) respect the confidentiality of those they observe and (2) refrain from discussing interview content with others.

Public Training (Free Access)

Overview of Public Training

The public training option is a no-charge option available to those wishing to be trained and certified in the Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR®) Dementia Staging Instrument. Trainees do not need to be clinicians; however, having a background utilizing clinical judgment will be beneficial. It is, however, expected that trainees who take the online training are already familiar with the CDR. Consider reviewing CDR related literature, scoring rules, and the Scoring Table prior to taking the training.

If you are interested in training for the CDR-FTLD please refer to our CDR-FTLD page.

A certificate is automatically presented on-screen for those who pass the training. The certificate can be downloaded as a PDF. While the Knight ADRC makes every attempt to retain a copy of all certificates issued through our website, it is not always possible. Trainees should make sure to retain a copy of their certificate by emailing it to themselves or using a cloud storage service. Additionally, while certificates do not technically expire, the Knight ADRC recommends retraining every 5 years via the Refresher Training mentioned below. Note that clinical trials or other institutions with CDR raters are free to set their own retraining requirements independent from our recommendations. Always consult with your study coordinator/sponsor or institution prior to filling out an application so you do not needlessly take the wrong training.

Nearly all technical support problems related to training can be addressed by reviewing our Technical Support page for the training.

Training Paths for Public Training

The CDR Training provided online, referred to as The Brief Training and Reliability Protocol (BTRP), is an abbreviated form of the in-depth, in-person training conducted at the Knight ADRC. The BTRP provided via this website is divided into two different paths:

  • Full Training
    • 10 modules: Overview of the CDR, 3 training modules, 6 reliability modules
    • Generally intended for those previously uncertified or certified more than 5 years ago
    • Each module’s interview video averages 40 minutes of playtime
    • Up to 11 additional remedial modules may be automatically assigned if necessary.
  • Refresher Training
    • 5 modules: 1 training module, 4 reliability modules
    • Generally intended for those previously certified within the past 5 years but want/need a refresher in the CDR
    • Each module’s interview video averages 40 minutes of playtime
    • Up to 16 additional remedial modules may be automatically assigned if necessary.

If you are taking the training for a clinical trial, you should reach out to your study coordinator or study manual to determine which training path your trial requires that you attempt. Trial sponsors are free to set their own timelines for CDR recertification. The Knight ADRC cannot provide guidance in regards to your trial’s specific training requirements.

Languages Available for Public Training

As of 11/30/2023, public training now provides CDR training with video subtitles in the languages listed in the table below. For clinical trials that wish to train raters in other languages than those listed below, please email webmaster@abraxaswustl.edu. We can provide a quote (at cost) for the language(s) you need to be added. The translation time can take several months.

Access to module-specific worksheets in the same languages are also provided as part of the public training via a Box link; however, a Box account is NOT required to access/download the module-specific worksheets.

Chinese (Traditional)GermanPortuguese
(International & UK)

Technical Requirements for Public Training

There are several technical requirements to take the online training:

  • access to a printer for each module’s worksheet packet
  • consistent download speeds of at least 1.5Mbps
  • firewall access from your institution or internet provider to the streaming video provider; refer to the Public (Free) CDR Training and Firewalls section on our Streaming Requirements page
  • firewall access from your institution or internet provider to Box for each module’s worksheet packet; refer to the Accessing CDR Worksheets section on our Technical Support page

Private Training (Clinical Trials)

New, private training contracts are no longer being offered as of 11/30/2023. The public training option mentioned above now provides full access to training in the languages noted. Existing training contracts will continue to operate until the end of their contract period at which point all CDR trainees will be directed to the public training option.

Taking legacy, contracted, study-specific training?

If you are a CDR trainee that is part of a contracted research study or clinical trial, use the button below to access the training application. You will be able to select your specific, contracted study/trial within the application. If your study/trial isn’t listed in the application, it is not a contracted training. You will automatically be assigned the free CDR Training.

Make sure that you have your study/trial’s password ready. Once you submit the application, you will be prompted to enter the password in order to begin the training. If you do not have your trial’s password, you will need to contact your study’s coordinator or trial manager. The Knight ADRC will not provide the password.