Public Training (Free Access)

The public training option is a no-charge option available to individual trainees wishing to be trained online. English and Spanish subtitles for the training videos are provided for this free training option. Minimal technical support is provided. Access to an expert for training questions is not provided. It is expected that trainees who take the online training are already familiar with the Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR®) Dementia Staging Instrument. A certificate is issued for those who pass the training. A limited set of remedial modules is provided for trainees that fail their initial training modules.

Private Training (Research Studies, Clinical Trials)

NOTE: Securing an online CDR Training contract is different than licensing the CDR Dementia Staging Instrument for use in a research study/clinical trial. While the training provided by the website is strongly encouraged for any CDR rater, it is not mandatory when licensing the instrument with our Office of Technology Management/Tech Transfer.

The private training option is a fee-based option available to research studies and clinical trials wishing to train CDR raters online. Private training provides training with video subtitles in the following languages:

(Simplified & Traditional)
(International & UK)

Access to the translated CDR Assessment Protocol (often referred to as the CDR Worksheets) is provided once licensing has taken place. The worksheets have been translated into multiple languages when can be viewed HERE as a PDF.

We have recently revised how private training works to make it easier for trial organizers–especially when multiple trials are taking place under one organizer. If you are interested in setting up a private training option for your study or studies, contact Ronald Hawley with the Knight ADRC concerning training access options and applicable fees.

Taking contracted, study-specific training?

If you are a CDR trainee that is part of a contracted research study or clinical trial, use the button below to access the training application. You will be able to select your specific, contracted study/trial within the application. If your study/trial isn’t listed in the application, it is not a contracted training. You will automatically be assigned the free CDR Training.

Make sure that you have your study/trial’s password ready. Once you submit the application, you will be prompted to enter the password in order to begin the training.

Confidentiality Protection

The CDR Online Training System utilizes video segments of real, patient interviews. All interview participants provided informed consent for their images to be shown for appropriate educational purposes. Apart from the visual appearance of each interviewee, there is no other identifying information in these interview segments. Nevertheless, we ask that approved trainees (1) respect the confidentiality of those they observe and (2) refrain from discussing interview content with others.