The Psychometric Core, led by Jason Hassenstab, PhD, provides neuropsychological evaluation of a broad range of memory, thinking, and visuospatial skills. Like the Clinical Core, the Psychometric Core uniformly assesses all research participants, providing expertise and relieving the individual project leaders from this effort. Performance on the psychometric measures allow cognitive skills to be evaluated and monitored over time.

Obtain the ELSMEM – A Computerized Battery to Assess Executive, Linguistic, Spatial, and MEMory Abilities. Copyright © 2009 by Martha Storandt, David A. Balota, and Timothy A. Salthouse. A valid license for E-Prime© 2.0 is required to use the ELSMEM. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the supporting documentation and optional testing file. Once you download the file, extract it to view the documentation and testing files.