Billing Overview

Large Group or Lab Orders

Reach out to us at in advance to make sure we can accommodate you. Under some conditions, we might be able to arrange for a custom order form for your group with pre-fill billing info and/or an alternate way to submit files if you’re submitting them all at once. Reaching out ahead of time also ensures that we have ample stock of media and ink to fulfill all incoming orders!

The Knight ADRC prefers that we are able to bill you online in Workday via an Internal Service Delivery (ISD). This means we’ll need the Cost Center number that will be responsible for payment of the poster. Note that this may or may not be the Cost Center that poster requestor is associated with, and will never contain “Payroll” in the name. We require the Cost Center number that will be paying for the cost of the poster. Speak to your department’s business office or your PI.

We can also accept credit cards for those unable to be billed via inter-departmental invoice. Once your order has been printed, we will contact you with the total cost for your poster to be printed along with a link for you to pay via credit card. Once paid, you will receive a confirmation of payment (check Spam/Junk folder). Payment is expected within 24 hours of the payment email being sent. An additional reminder will be sent 48 hours later (often including your PI). If no payment has been made after 3 business days, you will be unable to submit posters for printing from the Knight ADRC until any outstanding balance has been paid in full.

Cost Overview

Foldable Fabric Prints: $0.50/per linear inch

Costs are calculated on a per liner inch basis. This the length of the amount of material that printer uses when printing your poster. It does not necessarily mean the longest side of your poster, but it often is.

Cost Formula: Length of paper used in inches x 0.50 = Total Cost

Visual examples of different landscape posters being printed with the billable length of each illustrated. Click image above to view at full size.

Questions? Please reach out to