Satin Photo Paper

The Knight ADRC buys satin, instant-dry paper in 36″ and 42″ rolls. Each roll provides 100′ of high-quality, printable surface. Satin is slightly different than a pure semi-gloss paper despite many people using the terms interchangeably. While both types enhance the vividness of the colors present, satin papers have less visible glare under overhead lights compared to semi-gloss media. While water-resistant, paper posters should avoid getting wet or coming into contact with any direct moisture.

This paper can be printed with full bleeds (edge-to-edge color) with no white margin if the poster has a solid edge-to-edge background color, and your poster fills the paper’s width. Consult the Guidelines section for more information regarding borderless prints. For example, a 36×48 poster can be borderless. A 34×48 poster cannot be printed borderless. Instant-dry means that your poster is ready to be handled as soon as it is done printing. However, posters that have heavy coverage (especially black, blue and red) will require 10 minutes of additional dry time beyond the printing time.


Borderless Possible: Yes
Media Weight: 175 g/m2
Average Print Time: 30 minutes
Average Dry Time: None
Heavy Coverage Dry Time: 10 minutes

Foldable Fabric

The Knight ADRC offers 36″ & 42″ rolls of foldable foldable, fabric material. Fine print details are not lost on the fabric. This material provides the same exceptional quality poster you are used to when printing on paper while allowing for much easier transport. The water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant polyester fabric (not canvas) is foldable! You should still take care in preventing moisture from coming into contact with your fabric poster. If your poster does become wet, carefully dab the moisture away to help avoid excess smearing of the ink. Do not rub or scrub the moisture away. While the fabric is much more water-resistant than the paper, you are still working with an inkjet print.


Borderless Possible: No. A small white margin “frames” the poster.
Media Weight: 135 g/m2
Average Print Time: 25 minutes
Average Dry Time: 5 minutes
Heavy Coverage Dry Time: 15 minutes

Fabric Care Tips

Travel Tips:

  • Avoid placing folded poster next to sharp objects in luggage
  • Avoid placing folded poster next to objects that may leak onto poster.
  • You may want to re-roll your poster once you arrive at your destination. It will help remove wrinkles caused by your trip.

Removing Wrinkles & Creases:

  • Set an iron to the LOWEST possible setting at first (silk setting).
  • ONLY iron on the side that DOESN’T have the printed image.
  • Do NOT use steam.
  • Press firmly with the iron, but be careful to not dig any sharp corners of the iron into the fabric causing it to tear.
  • Do NOT leave the iron in any one spot for more than a half-second. Again, this is like a silk shirt. You can burn and ruin the poster.
  • DO move the iron around rapidly and with some pressure. Ironing out the wrinkles/creases may take several minutes.

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