Presenting a poster overseas? You can use the conversion tools available at to convert imperial length units into metric.

If you would like to know how your poster will scale based upon our order form options of scaling to fit our 36″ or 42″ media, you can use our “proportion wheel” below.

Scaling Example:

In the example images below, the left image contains a poster’s current page size dimensions (28×44). We want the poster to scale up based on its 28″ width to fit our 36″ roll media to avoid any margin. So, we enter 36 in the Reproduction size width field to correspond to the original poster’s width. We could have also used 42 instead of 36 had we wanted to scale the poster up to fit our 42″ roll media. Click the Calculate New Dimensions button.

In the second image (right), you see the results of having clicked the Calculate New Dimensions button. The printed poster’s size will end up 36×56.57 and is scaled up 128.57%. You should use the Percent of Scaling number to go back and zoom in on your poster file at that level of magnification so you can see what your poster’s images will look like when printed.

NOTE: You can also use the calculator to see what scaling your longest side down to fit our 36″ or 42″ media alters your poster. In the example we’re using, instead of entering 36 or 42 below the 28 original dimension, you’d leave that space blank and enter 36 or 42 below the 44 dimension and then calculate the new size.

Step 1: Enter current poster’s dimensions and only 1 dimension from the desired, final print size. The reproduction number should be either 36 or 42.
Step 2: After hitting Calculate New Dimensions, you will see the proportionally scaled final print size as well as the scaling percentage.

Scaling Tool:

Fill in your poster file’s current page dimensions (width and height) into the Original Size fields. Next, enter one of the desired print-size dimensions into the appropriate Reproduction Size field. Typically, you would enter either 36 or 42 into that field to correspond to the original’s dimension that you want to scale. Click Calculate New Dimensions to receive the final reproduction dimension and the reproduction percentage. You must clear out all of the fields if you plan on changing any dimension in order to recalculate your new size.

Original size:
width:   height:

Reproduction size:
width:   height:

Percentage of Scaling:

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