Looking for a copy of a lost CDR Certificate? Request CDR Certificate Form

Lost your place in training?

If you failed to bookmark (also referred to as Add to Favorites) the module you are on when you stopped training, or had a computer glitch that has prevented you from picking up where you left off, you can use the form below to request the correct link to resume your training. The link is provided immediately on the screen and is the quickest way to resume training. Note that if you are taking training for a private, contracted study, you may be asked to enter your password to access the training. Contact your study coordinator if you are unsure of the required password.


Obtaining technical support

ALL technical support for training is provided via email (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm Central Time, excluding holidays). If you have a questions unrelated to resuming your training, email webmaster@abraxas.wustl.edu.

How to bookmark web pages

Streaming or video playback problems?

Multiple issues can affect your ability to stream videos. Consult our Streaming Requirements page for more information.