Washington University Logos

Make sure you’re using high quality logos for your posters–ones that don’t look pixelated. You can download high-quality, officially-approved WUSTL/WUSM logos by going to the following pages:

Poster Templates

Marketing & Communications provides a link to an official WU-branded PowerPoint file which contains several different design options all of which are all 24″ x 36″ by default.

Poster Nerd has a wide variety of free PowerPoint templates that you can download to use for your poster.

Many departments, and even some labs, have their own specific templates that you can use. Check with your PI or another researcher within your department to determine if such a a template might be available.

Another template option is to check out OSD for more information and the hottest trends in laying out effective, scientific posters.

Regardless of the template you use or create, review our Guidelines section to make sure you are submitting a poster in a size and file format that we accept and can print. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that the poster you create meets the dimensions allotted by the meeting/conference you are attending. We do not know what restriction any given meeting/conference has. There is also very little consistency between venues. So, asking for “whatever is normal” or “whatever is best,” is not something we can do. If you know your required dimensions however, and have questions about how to size your poster best so that we can print it, you can contact us with questions on how to best achieve your printed goal at posters@abraxas.wustl.edu.

Questions? Please reach out to posters@abraxas.wustl.edu.