The Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR®) Dementia Staging Instrument in one aspect is a 5-point scale used to characterize six domains of cognitive and functional performance applicable to Alzheimer disease and related dementias: Memory, Orientation, Judgment & Problem Solving, Community Affairs, Home & Hobbies, and Personal Care. The necessary information to make each rating is obtained through a semi-structured interview of the patient and a reliable informant or collateral source (e.g., family member) referred to as the CDR® Assessment Protocol.

The provided “Full” and “Refresher” training on this site is technically referred to as the Brief Training & Reliability Protocol (BTRP) as it is a subset of the complete CDR Training that takes place in-person at the Knight ADRC.

The CDR Assessment Protocol, CDR Scoring Table, CDR Scoring Algorithm and this training site were developed, in large part, through funding support from the following National Institute on Aging grants:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Center Grant (AG05681)
  • Healthy Aging & Senile Dementia (AG03991)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study (AG10483)

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