Important Printing Notices

How We Operate: Before submitting an order, carefully review the following pages to avoid situations where your poster is not printed: Guidelines, FAQ, Cost & Billing.

2024 AAIC NOTICE: This year’s size limitation for posters is 45″ wide by 45″ tall. This is a change from previous years. To maximize your available space while printing through the Knight ADRC, design your poster at 45″ wide by 42″ tall.

Available Print Slots: 60 print slots are available per available Wednesday. The number of remaining printing slots can viewed on our Poster Printing Queue page. Direct any questions to BEFORE submitting a poster.

SERVICE INTERRUPTION: Printing will be unavailable on the following Wednesdays. Consult our FAQ for other locations to print.

  • September 11, 2024
  • September 25, 2024
  • October 2, 2024
  • November 27, 2024
  • December 25, 2024
  • January 1, 2025

Knight ADRC Poster Printing Request
We cannot process any form of payment other than through a WU Cost Center. A Cost Center always starts with CC followed by 7 digits. Speak to your department's business office or your PI for your appropriate Cost Center that will cover the cost of your poster.

CC0004259 is not the correct Cost Center for Genetics. Please use CC0000234 instead or this form will not submit.

5 max attached to this form, or up to 60 via our Box Upload option selectable further below.

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Also provide a justification in this space for the poster if charging the cost to a grant.

Media Type Selection

Please note that we only print on foldable fabric.

Sizing Specifications

You should already know your poster file's dimensions (height and width) before selecting one of the scaling options below. The largest poster we can print is 42" x  708". Refer to Our Maximum Printable Dimensions section for more detailed information. If you have questions, contact before submitting a poster order.

Scaling Desired:

* Results in no additional margin other than the printer's default margin found on all posters. Scaling is applied proportionally to the entire poster.

Unsure of sizing with scaling? Use our Scaling Calculator.

Printing with Margins

Printed posters where one dimension is not either 36" or 42" will result in a margin. When possible, we put the margin below the bottom dimension (as if it were hanging for presentation). Sometimes, typically with vertical/portrait posters, this is not possible and the margin will end up on either the right or left side of the poster. Please answer the question below on how you want the margin to appear should this happen. Per our FAQ, we do not trim posters.

If my posters ends up with a margin on the left/right side, please:

Printing Acknowledgment & Terms of Printing

By clicking the box below, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the following pages as they relate to printing posters at the Knight ADRC: Poster Homepage, Cost & Billing, FAQ, Fonts & Posters, Guidelines, Logos & Templates and Media Types. Questions regarding these pages should be directed to BEFORE submitting an order.

Printing & Terms Acknowledgment

Sending Poster Files

  • We only accept PDF files for printing.
  • Up to 5 PDF files totaling less that 30MB may be attached to this form. All attached files must be billed to the same funding source and scaled similarly. Otherwise, submit a separate order for each unalike poster file.
  • If your attachments exceed 5 files and/or total more than 30MB, you can use our Box Poster Upload option. If you select this option, once you submit this order form you will be redirected to the Box Poster Upload page.
  • Triple-check each file you send. It is your responsibility to verify the dimension of the PDF(s) you are submitting match the source document's dimensions and the contents look correct. We will not edit any submitted file in any way before printing. We print exactly what you provide at the scaling you select on this order form.
  • It is your responsibility to know (1) your poster file's dimensions, (2) your allotted poster display space at the venue, and (3) the final print size of your poster based upon the scaling option you selected above. Use our Scaling Calculator to calculate a final print sizes.

It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT attach your poster file(s) to this order form directly from an online storage provider such as OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox. Attach a copy of your poster file(s) that resides on a local (or directly attached) hard drive.

You should always see a copy of the file(s) that you attach to the poster order form also attached to the order confirmation email. If you don't, immediately email and note your Order ID along with attaching your poster file(s) to the email. If you opt to upload your files via our Box Upload option, you will not see any attachments with your order confirmation email.

I will provide my poster file via:

Maximum file size: 30MB

Add up to 5 PDF files totaling less than 30MB. All attached files must be billed to the same funding source and scaled similarly. Otherwise, submit a separate order for each unalike poster file.