Our current printing availability is above and also directly at @adrcposters. Any available slots listed on our Twitter feed past 4pm on a Tuesday may not be indicative of available slots for Wednesday printing as posters may have been submitted after hours when Twitter is not updated. Direct any questions to Knight ADRC Posters.

Goldfarb (GSON) faculty & students should contact Kristy Kight who will submit your order for you.

Knight ADRC Poster Printing Request

If submitting more than one file, all posters must be:

  • billed the same
  • on the same media
  • have the same desired scaling selected further down in this order form
  • all Mac or all Windows PPTX files or all PDFs

If your files are not like this, submit a new order form for each unalike poster.

Departmental payments are only possible for WashU faculty/staff/students.

Once your poster has been printed, we will email you with the information for credit card payment along with directions for pickup. Do NOT enter any credit card information into this form. Once paid, you will receive a receipt via email.

Only use a BJC, WUSTL or UHSP/STLCOP address.

The Date Needed field below only allows for our printing days which are Wednesdays. We have a limit of 64 posters that can be printed. Files must be submitted via this form by 6am on a Wednesday. You do not need to pick your poster up the day it is printed, but it is recommended that you do. We cannot guarantee the safety of your poster. Any reprints would be at your expense.

List the lab/core/PI associated with this poster.
Also provide a justification in this space for the poster if charging the cost to a grant.
A Cost Center always starts with CC followed by 7 digits.
Must start with GR, GF, PJ or NC followed by digits.
Provide the department and division/section name that you are a part of for this poster.
Who handles your purchasing/billing or is a part of your business office?

Printing Specifications

Please provide responses to the following three questions. If you have questions, contact posters@abraxas.wustl.edu.

Format of Poster File Submitted:

NOTICE: Starting on 8/3/22, we will only offer the foldable, poster material. If you need a paper poster, refer to the last question on our FAQ page for a list of other WU & online printers.

Media Type Desired:
Scaling Desired:

Unsure of sizing with scaling? Use our Scaling Calculator.

Printing with Margins

Printed posters where one dimension is not either 36" or 42" will result in a margin. When possible, we put the margin below the bottom dimension (as if it were hanging for presentation). Sometimes, typically with vertical/portrait posters, this is not possible and the margin will end up on either the right or left side of the poster. Please answer the question below on how you want the margin to appear should this happen. Per our FAQ, we do not trim posters.

If my posters ends up with a margin on the left/right side, please:

Printing Acknowledgment & Terms of Printing

By clicking the box below, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the following pages as they relate to printing posters at the Knight ADRC: Poster Homepage, Cost & Billing, FAQ, Fonts & Posters, Guidelines, Logos & Templates and Media Types. Questions regarding these pages should be directed to posters@abraxas.wustl.edu BEFORE submitting an order. Submitting an invalid file due to not following our rules and guidelines may result in your poster not being printed.

Printing & Terms Acknowledgment

Sending Poster Files

We only accept PDF or PPTX files. Add up to 5 PPTX or PDF files to this form totaling less that 30MB. All attached files must be from the same operating system, billed to the same funding, scaled similarly along with being printed on the same material. Otherwise, submit a separate order for each unalike poster file.

If your attachments are larger than 30MB, you can use our Box Poster Upload option. If you select this option, once you submit this order form you will be redirected to the Box Poster Upload page. Regardless of how you submit your files, make sure that your poster filename contains the same name as the person submitting the online order form.

I will provide my poster file via:

Verify the dimensions of your PDF files before submitting them for printing! This is especially true if submitting after 4pm on a Tuesday. We will print what you submit per selections on this form which may result it illegible, pixelated posters if you failed to create your PDF correctly.

In Adobe Acrobat Reader click File > Properties (Document Properties) > Description tab. Within the Advanced Information section, you’ll find Page Size.

Files sent via Knight ADRC Box Upload must be uploaded within one hour of your order submission or your order will be cancelled. You will be forced to resubmit your order if print slots are available. Per our FAQ, you cannot "reserve" or "hold" a slot by using this option to submit your file.

Maximum upload size: 30MB
Add up to 5 PPTX or PDF files totaling less that 33MB. All attached files must be from the same operating system, billed to the same funding, scaled similarly along with being printed on the same material. Otherwise, submit a separate order for each unalike poster file,