Please make sure to bookmark (also known as Add to Favorites) this page before you begin training! You may need to return to finish at a later point in time. You should also note that you are taking CDR Public Training A (Full) in the event you reach out for help. If you haven’t already filled out a training application, please do that first by going here: CDR Training Application. Without an application on file, your training will be flagged as invalid.

  • ALL technical support for training is provided via email (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm Central Time, excluding holidays). If you need assistance, email
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  • Visit our Streaming Requirements page to make sure you will be able to see the training videos.
  • You will need speakers/headphones and a printer in order to print each module’s worksheet packet.
  • Subtitles for the videos are available in English and Spanish by clicking the CC button on the video player area.
  • Keep an offline/paper copy of the scores you submit online until you receive your pass/fail status!

You are about to begin the CDR Public Training A (Full). This training can take up to 8 hours depending upon the skill of the rater. The training is based upon the following structure:

CDR Overview
  • Consists of Module 0
  • Provides an overview of the CDR by Dr. Morris
Training Modules
  • Consists of Modules 1 through 3
  • Correct scoring review videos are provided
  • You will not submit scores for these modules
Reliability Modules
  • Consists of Modules 4 through 9
  • Review all language provided for each module.
  • Print each module’s worksheet and fill it in while watching the video.
  • Keep your worksheets until you eventually pass or fail the training.
  • You will submit scores for grading from these modules.
Scoring Form
  • When you have completed Module 9, click the Scoring Form button.
  • Complete the scoring form by entering your domain scores for each Reliability Module.
  • Generate a Global CDR Score for each Reliability Module by using the CDR Algorithm link found on the scoring form.
  • If you pass, your certificate will appear for you to print or save as a PDF.
  • If you fail, additional training modules will be assigned.