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Before you begin...

  • Have you reviewed the Guidelines & Data Available page?
  • Have you considered searching existing requests to avoid duplication of effort or conflicting research projects?
  • Do you have your research rationale ready? The Word or PDF file (3 page limit not including references and figures) should include the following information: purpose, background and preliminary data, methods, inclusion and exclusion criteria, analytic plan, sample size justification and a list of data variables.
  • Resource request forms must be completed in one sitting. You cannot submit a partial request and update it later.

Note: This form, and your research rationale submission, should not be considered a "shopping cart" for needed data. Communication with the data core staff will help refine your request based upon your needs and the availability of Knight ADRC materials, resources, and staff.

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Please provide up to 4 concise aims below for your project. At least one aim must be submitted.
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Source of Support

Provide the source of support for the project for which you are requesting this data.

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Digits only. If amount is indeterminate, e.g. Internal Funding, enter 0. This information is reported to NIH. Please be sure it is accurate.