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The Knight ADRC has supported many investigators at Washington University and at other institutions over the years. We wish to avoid the situation where two investigators study the same research question to avoid duplication of effort and potential conflict. To determine if your topic has already been studied with our resources, please search our database. If you find that your topic or a related topic has been submitted, you may wish to contact the investigator to inquire about their findings to determine how you might proceed. You may wish to collaborate or modify your request to avoid overlap. The results below reflect requests made since online requests have been accepted. As such, not all fields will have data as certain information, such as aims, were not collected until recently. If an entry has been assigned an ID number (e.g. T1004), the full request has been submitted and is either approved, disapproved or in process. If an entry has no ID number, then it represents a submission that has not yet been reviewed. Search terms are applied across an entire requests application including variables not displayed below. A more specific, detailed search may yield better results depending upon your needs.

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Investigator: Kellen Petersen

Project Title: Disease Progression Modelling of Alzheimer’s Disease Using In Vivo Biomarkers, Neuropsychological Assessments, and Neuropathological Data

Date: May 16, 2023

Request ID: D2316

Aim 1: To implement machine learning and event-based disease progression models using cross-sectional data to determine disease trajectories and temporal subtypes

Aim 2: To apply dynamical disease progression models to longitudinal data to assess rates of disease projection and determine individual variability

Aim 3: To demonstrate the feasibility of a novel application of machine learning and event-based disease progression models to neuropathological data

Aim 4:

Investigator: Tobey Betthauser, PhD

Project Title: Multicohort study of factors that influence Alzheimer’s disease biomarker and dementia timing

Date: May 1, 2023

Request ID: D2315

Aim 1: Aim 1 will identify common factors across multiple cohorts that influence the timing and trajectories of ATN biomarkers.

Aim 2: Aim 2 will identify common factors across multiple cohorts that affect the time from amyloid onset to dementia.

Aim 3: Exploratory Aim 3 will investigate inter-cohort differences in AD biomarker and dementia trajectories.

Aim 4:

Investigator: Julie Wisch

Project Title: Staging PET with multiple tau phosphorylation sites and microtubule tau binding regions

Date: April 26, 2023

Request ID: D2314

Aim 1: Evaluate the efficacy of multiple tau phosphorylation sites at staging amyloid and tau burden

Aim 2: Evaluate the efficacy of MTBR at staging amyloid and tau burden

Aim 3:

Aim 4:

Investigator: Rachel Hendrix

Project Title: APOE Risk and Fluid Biomarkers for Predicting Cognitive Decline

Date: April 13, 2023

Request ID: D2313

Aim 1: Predicting longitudinal cognitive outcomes based on APOE genotype in established and emerging fluid biomarkers.

Aim 2: Delineate immunomodulatory effects of APOE genotype on inflammatory molecules in biofluids and assess novel biomarker potential.

Aim 3:

Aim 4:

Investigator: John Morris (PI); Celeste Karch (Project Leader Biomarker Core)

Project Title: Somatic and Stem Cell Resources from Neuropathologically Defined Participants in the Knight ADRC

Date: April 11, 2023

Request ID: D2312

Aim 1: To annotate existing somatic and stem cell resources with pathological information

Aim 2:

Aim 3:

Aim 4:

Investigator: Ellen Grober

Project Title: Associations of Stages of Objective Memory Impairment (SOMI) with plasma biomarkers of Alzheimer disease

Date: April 5, 2023

Request ID: D2311

Aim 1: To explore the association of SOMI and FR with plasma biomarkers

Aim 2: To determine whether the associations are affected by APOE e4 carrier status

Aim 3:

Aim 4:

Investigator: Fumie Costen

Project Title: Correlation between CSF biomarkers and plasma biomarkers

Date: April 3, 2023

Request ID: D2310

Aim 1: We would like to produce an AI system to predict plasma biomarkers from CSF biomarkers

Aim 2:

Aim 3:

Aim 4:

Investigator: Ahmad Imam

Project Title: A Mixed Distributed Deep Learning Approach for Blood Sample-Based Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Date: March 17, 2023

Request ID: D2309

Aim 1: AI-based model for early detection of Dementia.

Aim 2: AI-base model to observe multiple internal and external factor that might contribute in the development of Dementia

Aim 3:

Aim 4:

Investigator: John Morris

Project Title: Predicting continuous PET values with pTau isoforms (extension to include MTBR)

Date: February 23, 2023

Request ID: D2308

Aim 1: Test whether CSF pTau isoforms and/or MTBR can predict regional amyloid burden

Aim 2: Test whether CSF pTau isoforms and/or MTBR can predict regional tau burden

Aim 3: Assess the relative predictive ranges of each CSF pTau isoform and MTBR value for cortical amyloid burden and tauopathy

Aim 4:

Investigator: Paul Brewster

Project Title: Evaluating practice effects with burst cognitive testing and standard cognitive measures

Date: February 15, 2023

Request ID: D2307

Aim 1: The primary aim of this research is to evaluate whether individual differences in performance variability and practice effects on mobile phone-based burst cognitive testing predict Alzheimer disease (AD) biomarkers independently of performance level.

Aim 2:

Aim 3:

Aim 4: